Unblock Your Blocked Energy Unreleased Emotions Haunt, As Energy Seeks Constant Flow

To allow energy to flow in and out is to not become attached to any one aspect of duality. Both masculine and feminine energies complement each other. The balance of energy flow is to allow both aspects of love and fear to enter your being. When you are willing to dive within your feelings, to see what emotions are floating about, you are able to discern and choose what energies will serve you in an empowering way. When an energy blockage is held within, it creates suffering whether it is emotional or physical pain and you cannot breathe in your inner energy balance to ignite your untapped and dormant potentials of self, because nothing can come in when there is nothing going out. The energies within you are already full and it is not the energy that you want! There is no room for anything else to enter and you stay in a stagnant rut, the swamps of despair.

To address your issues, problems and challenges can be broken down into 4 main categories.

1. A Holding-On Dam
2. Negativity Blocks
3. Four Types of Flow
4. Unreleased Emotions Keep Haunting You

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. A Holding-On Dam – Your energy is like a dam that holds water. In the physical body, the dam bank is your body – the illness is the pain that is telling you the fears that need to be released. Like any dammed energy, the body that is absorbing continuous suppressed matter will eventually overflow, the dam banks will burst to let the pressure out. You must release the unwanted energy before the wanted energy can flow in and you must allow everything to flow in and through you ie your fear and love, because you know that all energy will come and go just like the tide. ‘Energy is only energy – it is neutral until it is activated’ – it cannot affect you until you activate it. It is activated through you reacting to an issue or event or taking on and buying into that energy, to own as your own and then to act out that drama game. It will only affect you, if you allow it and that is by giving away your power, it is to give your consent, your permission to allow that fearful energy to affect you. But understand that if you accept a drama game it is feeding you and you are supported by dwelling upon that energy. That active energy is the fuel, it is feeding your consciousness, because there is a hidden belief or overlay that allows all energies to support you with that condition. By suppressing and holding onto the fear will develop into a tidal wave within, thus creating an unbalanced ego-mind that needs a life-jacket for its survival. The dualistic energy flow of both good and bad, positive and negative, love and fear or hate etc flow through the same door. They come down the same water channel.

2. Negativity Blocks – Energy always seeks constant flow through release. Energy is dynamic, it is always moving, flowing, changing and it is magnetic and its vibration frequency is expansive – so it can expand in consciousness and it does this through acceptance then release. To accept all things as they are, i.e., the pain and bliss from every experience for every situation is a blessing, a gift and a learning experience that develops wisdom and joy. Remember too that nothing stays the same, the good and the bad. Holding energy, whether positive or negative blocks the flow of energy, just like a dam or snags in a creek and it stops the in-coming flow of new energy – it creates a lack. This lack can be in any form from love, money, time, happiness, comfort, success and health etc. You must face all experiences to overcome and release them so that you are able to accept and receive what you want. Like the flowing stream, let go and flow with the process of life. It is your choice whether you choose a negative or a positive desire or outcome.

3. Four Types of flow – Nature does have cycles, as there are times when things flow in abundantly for a period of time and then it may change to be slow for a period of time. Accept these situations and know that nothing stays the same. Everything changes. Be aware of the 4 types of flow – they are:
I. Calm – is when energy is equally flowing in and out
II. Flow – is when more energy is flowing in than out
III. Ebb – is when more energy if flowing out than in
IV. Flat – is when energy is stagnant and nothing is flowing in or out – all energy is still, blocked, and stagnant because it is dammed up.

4. Unreleased Emotions Keep Haunting You – Suppressed and unreleased emotions, the unfinished business issues will keep blocking your energy flow. The pain relief drugs are just a band-aid treatment and the emotional root cause will pop up again and again until you take notice of it and resolve your issue. It will repetitively come back until you become so clogged that an illness will form to try to wake you up, stating that there is an imbalance within your being. ‘All energy seeks resolution’. Stuck energy keeps coming back, not to haunt you as you might see it, but for you to free your old stuck wounds, that old aspect of self and for you to release what you are ignoring and hiding in your muddy dam. The dam bank of stagnant water is the same as the functioning within your physical body. It is the plumbing in your body, as the blocked energy in the organs, muscles, tissues, cells and waste channels within your body becomes the condition or ailment. The plumbing within your body is filled with the grease of your fears, clogged up by the smells of bad emotional and chemical toxins and if it cannot be unblocked, it pressurizes itself to explode into an illness, to enforce awareness that ruptures as a release.

All dualistic energies of fear and love flows through the same door, so to avoid being stagnant and unblocked games, allow all energy to flow in and through your being. It is to allow both aspects of love and fear to enter your being. How do you do this? Be willing to dig deep into your emotional waters, to suck up what needs to be addressed and then have compassion to float through your emotional waters. When you dive within to see what emotions are floating about you are able to choose which ones will serve and empower you. Once you have dug up and faced your fears and emotional issues then discern what energy is not your conscious truth or anything that will feed off you and drain your energy. You can do this by allowing your un-needed and unwanted emotional energy to flow in and through you by deep breathing in your safe, now moment space.

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